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Healthy Living in the 802!

This past week over here at Midd Foods we read up on health and found a few articles and resources that you all might find interesting.

First we looked at eating healthy (of course!), and while we post several healthy recipes a month, we thought it would be cool to point out a few places that you can always go for healthy inspiration!

The Eating Well website offers loads of information, but we found the Healthy Cooking portion to be extremely helpful. Have you ever wondered what nutrients you are actually getting from that head of broccoli in your Essentials Bag? This website has nutrition facts on almost every veggie and fruit that Midd Foods sells along with information on when each fruit and vegetable is in season. The site also has tons of recipes that offer little ways to eat more nutritious meals. Check it out:


If you are in need of a little weeknight cooking inspiration, here are ten inexpensive meals (most of which use a many Midd Foods ingredients!) that are quick to whip up:


#8 Beefy Stuffed Sweet Potatoes: YUM!

But of course healthy eating is only one part of healthy living, staying active is also an important part of keeping up a healthy lifestyle.

The Central Vermont chamber of commerce has several amazing day hikes listed for the area. Most of these are better suited for warmer weather when the snow has melted, but from the weather the past two weeks, it looks like the snow might not stick around too much longer. So if you are looking for some hiking inspiration this website has some great ones:


But while the snow sticks around a little bit longer, here are 8 ways to stay active when it is still cold and snowy (make sure to check out numbers 7 and 8):


And while you are staying active, checkout which songs a Brunel University Professor thinks will improve your workout!


Sunset rock view!


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