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Meet Our Producers: Paul Horton - Foggy Meadow Farm


Even though Paul Horton only started his farm Foggy Meadow Produce eleven years ago, you would think he had been a farmer his whole career. For many years, Paul actually worked in production management for a book manufacturing company, and this experience might actually be the key to his success. While working for the book company he spent lots of time making everything run as efficiently as possible, and this experience turned him into a genius repair and renovation man in his farming business. Just for a frame of reference: his newest tractor is 50 years old!

But one of the most impressive parts about Paul’s operation are his greenhouses. He designed and built his own underground radiant heating system along with thermostatically controlled sides that open and close to maintain the perfect greenhouse temperatures for growing during the freezing Vermont winters. We’re especially appreciative of these high tech greenhouses because they allow us to have Paul’s incredible carrots, beets, turnips, and rutabagas all year round.

If you’ve ordered our produce bag it’s extremely likely that you’ve had something from Foggy Meadow. And if you order our produce bag consistently you’ve definitely had some of Paul’s game changing carrots (his personal favorite vegetable by far). His carrots are game changing not only because they have so much more flavor than any carrot you can buy in the store, but they’ve also got a ton of character (check out the picture below). Luckily for us, he is currently growing 22,000 row feet of carrots right now, so we’ll be able to enjoy them for a long time.

We’ve loved working with Paul over the years and appreciate his commitment to sustainable agriculture. Although Foggy Meadow Produce is not certified organic, paul grows all of this produce with organic practices. Foggy Meadow is based in Benson, Vermont, and you can find his produce at the Middlebury Farmers Market twice a week while you’re waiting for the Middlebury Foods delivery to come around!

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  • Hi Paul! Hope all is well up in VT. We’re doing well here in NC. I was wondering if you could give us some tips for growing our own greens here on our tiny farm in NC. Wondering what you use for seeds with respect to your Spicey mix and spinach. Any tips would be sooooo helpful. There are essentially no markets here in the off season and we would like to try growing our own!
    Mary Beth

    Mary Beth Alberico

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