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Volunteers Team

Manager: Kate Peters

( kepeters@middlebury.edu ) 

Team Description: 

The Volunteers Team help people find their place in the Midd Foods team. We spearhead recruitment by meeting with academic programs, College offices, and athletics. During deliveries, we make sure people know where to go, what to do, and when to do it. If you’re interested in making genuine connections, fostering a strong team dynamic, and communicating with the institution of Middlebury, the Volunteers Team is right for you!

 Available Positions:

Email Kate if you are interesting in filling an open position. We look forward to having you on our team!

Volunteers Coordinator: 

Description of Position:

  • Managing the volunteers schedule for deliveries
    • Send survey to volunteers to gather shift availability 
    • Create delivery schedule 
  • Coordinating volunteer outreach and on campus MiddFoods awareness
    • Activities fairs and other on campus information sessions and publicity events
  • Organizing customer relations call sessions 
    • Scheduling sessions
    • Managing sheets as needed

Applicable Skills:

  • Organization 
  • Leadership capabilities to motivate students 
  • Logistical competence and problem solving to make schedules 
  • Excite about the cause of Midd Foods!